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Training the Future Today! JC Fire Productions is a media production group dedicated to Fire / EMS education for the general public and new firefighters and EMS professionals. We create Podcasts, YouTube videos, and other content that explores the history, science, and culture of firefighting and EMS. Our goal is to make fire safety information accessible and engaging to everyone. Our podcasts feature interviews with firefighters, EMS Professionals, and other experts. We also produce educational videos that teach viewers about fire prevention, fire suppression, and other aspects of firefighting and EMS topics. In addition, we offer a variety of resources for new firefighters and EMTS including training videos and study guides. We believe that everyone should have access to fire safety information. That's why our content is ALWAYS free to download and share. If you're interested in learning more about fire safety, please subscribe to our podcasts and YouTube Channels. We're committed to making fire safety information accessible and engaging for everyone. Here are some specific examples of the content that JC Fire Productions creates: * Podcasts: "Hose Jockeys Unite" is a podcast that features interviews with firefighters, discussions of historical fires, and other fire and EMS related topics of interest. "The Day Room- Hose Jockeys Live" is a broadcast that is completely unscripted. This fireside chat style show features topic that are generally  not researched. We usually just discuss whatever comes to mind. This show is simulcasted LIVE to YouTube, Facebook Live and Rumble. * YouTube videos: Along with our live broadcast and audio version of our podcast We also produce  a series of videos that teach viewers about the basics of fire safety.  Additionally, we produce a series of videos geared toward new firefighters that explain the different techniques to fight fires, as well as educational EMS related content. * Resources for new firefighters and EMS professionals: We are in the process of creating resources to aid in the training and career of a firefighter and EMS professional. * Video Production Services- Are you a member of a Fire Department, EMS Service, or Rescue Squad? Do you need training videos or other video resources produced? Contact us for quote on an affordable package. Please see the link above for more information. We hope that you enjoy our website and learn more about our mission of fire education.

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